Date: 12th November 2008
Location: Gistel, Belgium

Summa S Class Wireless Introduced
Wireless upgrade option now available on all new Summa S Class(*) series vinyl cutters

Summa today announced wireless data communication capability for its S Class series contour cutting plotters. Summas new S Class(*) Wireless uses Wi-Fi compatible protocol connectivity and incorporates built in on-board hardware circuitry, unlike semi reliable off the shelf add-on wireless peripherals offered by some companies.

S Class Wireless is a network connection which can be easily integrated into a companys LAN (local area network) or WLAN (wireless local area network) network using Access Point (wireless router). When no network environment is available a peer-to-peer connection can also be achieved using Ad-Hoc connectivity. S Class Wireless also supports WEP and WPA, standard encryption methods for secure connections and data transfer in existing networks.

Summa S Class Customers can now enjoy the wireless flexibility and increased workflow productivity to output jobs from one computer to multiple S Class cutters, or output from several computers to a single S Class Cutter, states Kristof Tilleman, Summa Engineering Project Manager. With S Class Wireless Summa delivers yet another amazing innovation with the industrys first wireless solution for friction driven drum cutters. And, equipment can be moved anywhere within 30 meters of the network.

Software support for S Class Wireless is available in Summas WinPlot cutting program (version 6.9 or later), MacSign Lite & MacSign 9, as well as other popular sign making programs. The S Class Wireless intelligent firmware also displays a browser accessible web page allowing any connected user to change cutter configuration settings from either Mac or PC operating systems.

S Class Wireless is a factory upgrade option now available on all new Summa S Class vinyl cutting plotters. Contact an authorized Summa Dealer for pricing and availability.

(*) OPOS-CAM and S Class Wireless cannot be combined on one single unit